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Your very own agency, without all the hassle of getting customers.

Yeah, you heard correctly.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own gig that you control, and you actually make the big bucks because you're the boss? Well, so did we, so we built Ad Giants.

We took an entire industry and turned it on its head to stack the deck in favor of the customers and the people who provide the actual work. Our financial model and fulfillment partners put you at the helm, in charge of your destiny. We train you and provide the customers you need to put together a pretty nice lifestyle. All to fit your schedule and goals.



So, how's this work you ask?

• Customers are subscription-based

• You get $30 per subscribed customer

• For every "marketing package" you recommend and sell to a customer, you get a 10% commission of that package price in your pocket

No limits on your earning potential

• Total support from Ad Giants

• We also provide monthly incentives to earn extra money!

We took a very complex collection of processes and streamlined it.

You can take on as many customers as you think you can manage. But remember, customer success is paramount at all costs. Ad Giants was built entirely by advertising veterans. After one year of intense Beta discovery and trial, we have perfected this new application of marketing services. Our customers engage entirely through a Smartphone App, and you connect with them the same way, but you also have a powerful dashboard/platform to manage each customer and every aspect of your agency business. 

vendor portal comp.png

Training to hone your customer management skills the Ad Giants way.

A little freaked out about managing people over a phone? Well, stop freaking out. We've got this down to a science in every aspect of the process. And we'll teach you how to do this in short order. Our job is to enhance your skills.


Establish Expertise

The "First Call" with your new customer sets the stage for the entire relationship and their future spending with us.

Building Trust

Nothing builds trust faster than demonstrating your strategic thinking and proving their success is your only goal.

Follow Through

Talk is cheap, it all comes down to execution. We give you the tools and processes to deliver and exceed expectations.

  • Any details about how much money we can make?
    Our results show that any one consultant can comfortably manage 200 to 250 customers annually. We'll train you how to do that using our backend system...super easy. You combine the base subscription fee ($25 per customer) you'll make, and then add the percentage of sales you make from packages they purchase, and you can easily make way, way more than a living wage. Typical consultant margins are 10% on all packages. Just as an example, here is what we see: A typical customer spends up to $2500 a quarter, so that means you'll get 10% of what you sell per quarter, per customer! Plus the subscription base. Not bad huh? Click here to see our earnings calculator
  • What's the training involve?
    We have a proven program that will help you understand all of the nuances of selling and engaging with customers by phone. Our system was built specifically to optimize this style of engagement. We have a three-day, online web class that also has videos you can always access later with continuing education and advice.
  • What if I'm busy and cannot take new customers?
    We have that covered with a couple of options. You can "go dark" using the system, or, you can pass customers to other consultants in our community who have time and are looking for more work.
  • What if I get sick for a week or take vacation?
    Again, we have you covered with a system that allows you to have another consultant handle customers and orders for you! We have a process whereby you have to identify a replacement consultant willing to cover for you and manage your weekly customer demands. Remember now, if your replacement happens to sell your customer a package, you two split the commission! :)
  • How am I paid?
    You will be a 1099 Employee, which means you are paid in full and handle all of your own taxes. We cut you a check at the beginning of each month based on the prior month's activity. As your customer base grows, so does your base monthly check.
  • What type of marketing packages do you sell?
    We literally have every conceivable marketing tactic you can imagine as a solution in the store. And if you have a customer with a request for something we don't cover, we can get it in very short order! Ad Campaigns Branding Brochures Banners Business Cards Booth Design Copywriting Design Services Direct Mail eMail Event Planning EDDM e-Commerce Facebook Ads Flyers Focus Groups Google Ads Logos Letterhead Media Placement Menu Design Magazine Ads Mobile Apps Newspaper Ads Outdoor Boards Online Gaming Public Relations Promotions Point Of Sale Packaging PowerPoint Radio Research Referral Programs Sports Marketing Specialty Items Social Media Sales Kits SEO Television Video Websites
  • What's your policy on "screw ups?""
    Well, obviously since we are all about customer success and quality, it depends. If you genuinely drop the ball, well...sadly you're done. We're a "one strike" company and have to be. BUT...if there are real reasons something goes off the rails, we have your back. Our resolution team handles this in a case-by-case situation.
  • Is there a rating system for consultants?
    You bet! You are encouraged to get customers to rate you and keep it high! We have awards for those 5-star people, so you are incentivized to always be on target.
  • How do customers sync with my schedule?
    You are in total control of your time. We have a master calendar that you control to show your availability to the system. Customers do NOT choose specific consultants, it's all based on availability of schedule. In later versions, we will be setting up expert consultants for specific categories!
  • Do I get any special equipment?
    Ummm, no. You are required to have a computer and Wi-fi access. Period. We feel this is a fair exchange for handing you new customers where you can make good money. BUT... As we grow, we are entertaining some pretty cool options for our biggest performers!

Any questions?

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